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Shiplap Craze or Daze?

The shiplap craze is real. And before you roll your eyes and state that you’re sick of seeing farmhouse design, there’s more to do with shiplap than plain horizontal white walls. So. Much. More.

Here at MT Trim Co, we’ve seen and applied shiplap in myriad ways, including the:

  • tried and true horizontal white stripe,

  • black or dark navy niche accents,

  • eye-catching mud bench backdrops and

  • over-zealous crazy patterns.

We’ve been known to take on a few challenging builds—after all, we love them—and shiplap is not excused from that category. Sure, it’s one of the easiest applications to install, but it can also be complicated. Let us introduce you to a couple of projects that challenged our brains.

The Herringbone Shiplap Wall

Watch these reels to reveal the full wall!

The Tetris Shiplap Mud Bench

Scroll to see the wall's progress!

The Friend Zone: Featuring Vertical Shiplap

This one turned out beautiful! The vertical application made this guest-entrance mud bench feel grand.

Olive green mud bench featuring a vertical shiplap application, two wall-to-wall matching floating shelves and a white oak mud bench.

The Single Chevron Point Bench Accent

Chevron is easier than herringbone to install (in our opinion), but the end result is just as satisfying. Watch the reel!


So, next time you hear the word shiplap, don’t hate. Be inspired, get creative and snap out of the basic daze, because you now know there are carpenters who thrive on challenging the status quo.

And for fun, here are some basic shiplap applications, too.

Note: The three photos shown are from a Keller Homes project (now Toll Brothers) that was featured in the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes.


Have you seen shiplap applied in a creative way? Let us know! And of course, if you have an idea for a future post or a question, please contact us.


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