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A Dog Lover's Delight: Kennel Room

In October 2022, MT Trim Co was blessed to work on a one-of-a-kind kennel room for Stonegate Homes. This luxury project in the Rosebrooke Community in Brentwood, Tennessee, was featured in the Nashville Parade of Homes 2022. This build is one of our favorites to date, and is a fan favorite, too!

Let's face it, dogs are family.

And every family member deserves a special place in the home. Right?

That's exactly what Stonegate Homes had in mind with this kennel room—yes room—for those with four-legged best friends.

But before we dive into the build, we have to introduce you to our pup, Mason. He wants to be a shop dog, only loud noises like drills and trucks scare him. It's safe to say he will remain a stay-at-home cutie for now. And if he saw this dog lover’s delight, he’d likely never leave home again.

Upon entry from the garage, which by the way has a dog shower installed, you enter into the kennel room that any dog would happily claim as their own. This warm and inviting space is equipped with a water station, storage for food, leash lockers, a window bench and built-in nooks for pet beds. It’s the perfect furry-friend hang-out spot. The perfect sit and guard house space. And we know it would be the perfect place to welcome home family members and guests if we were a dog.

Building + Installation

At MT Trim Co we build and install all of our projects. It starts with building what we can at the shop, then transporting it to the home for installation. And because we primarily work for luxury new builds, the homebuilder typically has a separate finishing crew for paint and/or stain. That’s not to say we can’t and haven’t done finishings, because we have! While we did not paint this project, we did do the gold metal mesh (say that three times fast) details for the doors and lockers.

After unloading big cabinet box after big cabinet box, we always do a dry fit by placing each part of the build into their soon-to-be permanent locations to ensure everything fits correctly. Here are a few shots of us in action!

Tip #1: Placing your build before permanently installing is a great way to discover how square and straight the walls are in your project area. Oftentimes after drywall is installed, walls aren’t as straight as they might appear (i.e., the framing could be a 1/4” off, the floor may be slightly uneven or the house settled). This stage allows interior carpentry crews to make any adjustments to the build, and determine what trim details will make the final installation secure and flawless.

Tip #2: You can snag the tools we use via our Amazon Storefront.

Tip #3: Thank a carpenter for making your custom designs fit! We’re kind of like magicians! Because you have to admit, this build definitely makes your jaw drop!

Preview for Builders + Trades

The night before the Nashville Parade of Homes opened to the public, those who helped build the homes (architects, builders, designers and tradespeople) had a sneak preview of the multi-million dollar luxury row.

It was great to see everyone involved be proud of what we accomplished together. Special thanks to Stonegate Homes and Custom Trim TN for trusting MT Trim Co as part of this elite team.

Tip #4: You don’t need permission to be proud of your work! Do not worry about what others think. Take your moments in, because you only live once.

The Parade of Homes

It would be remiss of us to say we weren’t a little proud to see the public's reaction to this beautiful home, too. Check out these videos! The first video shows our reaction, and the second is the original. These clips do a great job featuring the work of all our Custom Trim TN coworkers, whom we are lucky to share a shop with every day.


What have you done in your home specifically for your pets? Tell us or send any questions you have via our Contact Us page.


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