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3 Wine Bars that Will Fill Your Glass

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Custom wine bars are fun to build! Why? Because no two are alike and, let’s face it, everybody loves them! Here are three wine bar projects that will fill your glass!

1. The Primary Bedroom Statement Wine Bar

Yes, you read that correctly. This beauty is located in the primary bedroom of an amazing Stonegate Home. It serves as a divider space between sleeping and relaxing and hosts everything from wine to coffee.

A moder white shaker-style cabinet wine bar located in the primary bedroom of a luxury home.

2. The Mini Wine Room

Wine rooms do not need to be excessive. A small closet or under-the-stairs space can easily be converted into a room displaying your collection. Plus, these spaces make it easy to access when you’re hosting guests.

A small white oak wine bar in a closet space.

3. The Full-Wall Feature

Wine bars are a great statement piece! They are often a wow factor and a conversation starter. This two-tone (white oak and grey-painted) piece does both.


If you’re located in Middle Tennessee and need a wine feature in your home, contact us! In the meantime, be sure to check out our Instagram account to see projects in action and our Amazon Storefront to access our favorite finds.


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