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Small Builds for Small Pets

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we love dogs. ICYMI: A Dog Lover’s Delight: Kennel Room. And now, you’ll learn we love cats, too. Or at least our cat, Amos. We typically tackle large-scale luxury builds, but these two—Mason and Amos—inspired these small builds for small pets.

1. The Poo Palace

Cats are pretty self-sufficient. But if you have a house King as we do — they still need food, water and a place to do their business. And nobody likes a smelly cat.

Just like every King needs a palace, every home deserves a way to hide the stank cats leave behind. There are plenty of self-cleaning and furniture disguising cat boxes online, but if the design isn’t up to your standard, consider creating a custom build. That’s what we did, and Amos couldn’t be happier to have a powder room to call his own. We call it his Poo Palace. Amos loves the privacy it offers, and as much as he thinks he can do everything himself, it still requires a human to clean it — usually every other day.

Note: We have found that the confined space helps keep the house smelling fresh and helps contain litter. Not shown: there are two circle vents within the Poo Palace to help with circulation.

2. The Raised Food/Water Bowl Holder

Have you ever seen a dog lay down to eat? It’s likely because they are exhausted. You would be too if your neck were constantly strained from bending down to eat or chasing your bowl around the floor. We noticed our dog's posture and digestion were poor, and looked for a solution for his health. We did our research and found that having his food and water at shoulder level could help. There are plenty of these you can buy online, but we chose to do a custom build. Part of the design includes contour cuts on the legs that match a ceiling detail in our dining room. I mean, that’s what you do when you own a custom woodworking company. Mason loves it.

Note: There are debates about whether raised food and water bowls are good for your dog. So we aren’t saying go out and build or purchase yours today. But, should you have concerns about your dog, do your research and talk to your vet.

3. The Puppy-Kitty Corner

One of our favorite spots in our home is our bonus room, we even nicknamed it the Creative Cave. It’s a place to write, record and play music. An area to dream, design and paint. A space to kick back and watch movies. It also came with a really funky corner, that screamed for functional design. After all, Mason and Amos love being our shadows and needed a cozy corner to call their own. We converted it to a simple bench by creating a custom cushion. They seem to love it!


Access similar builds on Amazon* and see all of our furry friends' favorites. What room would you like to see a post about next? Let us know through our Contact Us page.

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