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Turn Something Old into Something New

Updated: Jul 8

Two long vintage windows leaning vertically against a brick wall. There is copy that reads: Turn Something Old Into Something New.  The MT Trim Co logo is present.

Who here has watched “Flea Market Flip” on HGTV? (Share this blog if you answered yes!) It’s the show where teams scour flea markets for unique finds to upcycle into new designs. After binge-watching that show, this turn something old into something new coffee-table design came to mind.

Our Challenge

We needed a long-run coffee table for our upstairs living space — our bonus room above the garage. This room is our “Creative Cave,” where music, art, movies and writing take place. It’s the room where we hang out as a family and occasionally indulge in snack attacks. It’s cozy, artsy and unique.

We upgraded our furniture with a five-piece modular couch primarily shaped into a long L. It’s perfect for hosting all of us at once—it’s beyond comfortable—but makes most coffee tables seem small or too wide. After shopping for a solution for months, we couldn’t agree on what to buy. We also couldn’t agree on what to build. Resin-pour tables seem too trendy and wouldn’t stand the test of time for our home’s design. Live edge tables are unique but would clash with our home’s style. White oak is beautiful, but the room’s lack of natural light wouldn’t do it justice. We were at a standstill.

Our Solution

A “Flea Market Flip” marathon led Traci to scroll through Facebook Marketplace, hoping to find a fresh idea. And there it was! A pair of two long vintage windows. She quickly messaged the seller, and they became hers for just $40.

Like any wife with a vision, Traci strategically left the windows and a sketch of her reimagined table design for Matt to find when he came home. In a matter of days, Matt brought the vision to life. Matt doesn’t have honey-do lists. Only honey-done lists.

Watch the videos for the reveal!


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If you have created an upcycled design, tell us! Have an idea, but need help executing it? We can help you turn something old into something new, too!


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