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Funny MT Trim Co Videos: Part 1

Three screenshots of matt making funny faces placed in iPhone placeholders to represent funny videos. The MT Trim Co logo is present and there is text that say "Funny MT Trim Co Videos: Part 1."

If you’re reading this blog, we know you only came here to watch funny MT Trim Co videos: Part 1. So, we’ll cut right to the chase, right after this viewer’s warning.

Warning: We think we are funny. So kick back, turn your volume up and be prepared to laugh. If these videos aren’t funny to you for some reason, sorry. But not really. Don’t worry, we plan to stick to building things and not become stand-up comedians any time soon. No employees, projects or feelings were hurt during filming.

  • Compressor Face We wonder if this is what dogs feel like when they stick their heads out the window.

That’s a wrap. For now. But, we have a hunch that there will be more of these gems in the future.


In the meantime, feel free to check out our project portfolio and shop our favorites.


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