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Carpentry Dad Jokes

He’s a carpenter. He’s a dad. He’s got carpentry dad jokes.

Be ready to laugh, roll your eyes and share them with your family, friends and co-workers, because they have just the right amount of cheese.

Three smiley emojis to represent laughing at the jokes. The first one is cry-laughing, the second is winking with its tongue out and the third is smiling with sunglasses on..
Carpentry Dad Jokes
  1. I was going to do a carpentry Dad Joke… But I didn’t know if it woodwork.

  2. You seem pretty confident about your carpentry. Yeah, I’m proud of my shelf.

  3. How does the carpenter build stairs effectively? He thinks one step ahead.

  4. The experienced carpenter nailed it. But the new guy screwed everything up.

  5. Why do Presidents need a carpenter? To fix their cabinet.

  6. My dog wants to work in construction. He’s really good at roofing.

  7. How did the carpenter lose his teeth? He kept biting his nails.

  8. How do you become a woodworker? Whittle by whittle.

  9. When do carpenters discuss their next project? At the board meeting.

  10. The carpenter’s wife said, “It’s me or your tools.” He chose the ladder.

  11. Money doesn’t grow on trees. You haven’t bought any lumber lately.

  12. What do you call a sports car made of wood? A lumber-ghini.

  13. Why did it take so long for the carpenter to propose? He was building up to it.

  14. What do you call cutting tools covered in Siracha? Hot saws.

  15. Have you heard the “under construction” joke yet? That’s because it’s not finished.

And on that note — have a great day!


Do you have any carpentry jokes or puns to share? Need actual carpentry services? Contact us.


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