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3 of Our Most Watched Videos on Instagram

In case you didn’t know, floating shelves are popular on Instagram. We certainly didn’t know that when first posting the following three videos. Yes, our top three most-watched videos on Instagram all feature floating shelves, and have all received millions of views.

Videos 1 and 2: Walnut Floating Shelves

These walnut floating shelves are the perfect final touch to this entertainment area.

This was actually our top video of 2022, and when we reposted it for a second time, it got just as much attention. This gorgeous room was part of a home addition project, where we also built a matching walnut waterfall bar and bottle riser. It’s always fun to see results, so check out the finished product!

Video 3: L Brackets

We commonly use L brackets for floating shelves for extra support. You can easily find them at the hardware retailer or online site of your choice. Visit to access our favorite hardware, including these L brackets*.

Other Top Contenders

Check out these additional floating shelf videos to see even more ways this simple storage solution can help pull together wall space.

Floating shelves are here to stay. They are not for everyone and aren't solely made to display items in super-organized kitchens. If it's a design concept that the homeowner desires, then it's on-trend in our book!


Do you have or would you have floating shelves in your home? Let us know your here-to-stay design trends, post ideas or ask a question by contacting us.

*As a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program, MT Trim Co earns commissions on qualifying purchases.


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