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5 Meanings Behind the MT in MT Trim Co

5 Meanings Behind the MT in MT Trim Co

We’ve been asked a time or two, so what does MT stand for in MT Trim Co? Well, the truth is that it has multiple meanings.

1. Matthew Taylor

Our Owner and Lead Carpenter Matthew Taylor Whiteis is also a musician. On stage, he drops his surname and uses Matthew Taylor. So MT naturally comes into play here, too!

2. Matt and Traci

Traci is Matt’s wife and the “T” in MT Trim Co. She has her master’s degree in marketing and public relations and has worked as a marketing director for the past decade. She is primarily behind the scenes, but you’ll occasionally see her in content.

3. Middle Tennessee

MT Trim Co is proud to serve the Middle Tennessee housing market solely. We fell in love with this area in 2013, and moved here from Colorado shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

4. Mountains

We miss our Colorado Mountains, but we take solace in the fact Mt. is also an abbreviation for the word mountain. Plus our new home is in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, elevation 683'. Of course, there isn’t actually a mountain in the town.

5. Music and Tools

Music and tools. These two passions are at the core of what we do and what we love. And, if you want to support our passions, please follow MT’s music Instagram and check out our favorite tools via our Amazon Storefront.


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