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3 Amazing Transformations

Updated: Jul 8

These 3 amazing transformations will give you the itch to update your home. Let’s face it — we all love a good before-and-after series.

1. A WFH Dream

If you work from home (WFH), this one’s for you. Having a dedicated office space in your home will add value. And, who wouldn't want a dreamy workspace to help with their everyday productivity?

2. Pantry Goals

The fun part about custom woodworking is that no two projects are ever the same. That especially holds for this next transformation. The saying, “There is a spot for everything,” is what inspired this pantry. The room was a unique small upside-down L shape, and rather than doing standard basic shelving or mirrored floating shelves on each side, these smaller corner-wrapped floating shelves were designed for the homeowner’s space planning. Watch this reel to see the full transformation.

3. The Bunk Beds Trend

The idea of bunk beds is not new, but in recent years they have been on the rise in luxury design. And why not? They are great solutions for maximizing space and creating a design that’s alluring to the eye. So, if you are thinking about growing your family, frequently hosting others (or have children who want to), or simply want to rent your property for income — bunk beds should be part of your plan!


We give credit where credit is due.

They say it takes a village — that is also true in custom woodworking. At MT Trim Co, we work with interior designers to make your vision come to life. We then build everything, deliver and install it—the designer partners with finishing crews to paint/stain and electricians to add accent lighting when needed. We return to do the final touches like hardware, glass or special metal inserts. Check out this reel that tells how amazing transformations happen.


Want to work with us?

Do you have an upcoming home project? Need a quote? Contact us today. Or if you're a true DIYer or fellow tradesperson, be sure to shop our favorites!


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